Chinese Mando-pop singer and actor Han Geng is the recipient of the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards Favorite Asian Act.

The most influential male celebrity in China won the second Favorite Asian Act orange blimp, beating the other talented nominees Psy of Korea, Sarah Geronimo of the Philippines and Shila Amzah of Malaysia.

Han Geng gave this message: “I’m very happy to be in L.A. and be part of this ceremony and to be able to party with the kids. Thank you to the fans around the world for their support and votes. And I hope to have more chances to come to L.A. and party with more kids. A big kid like me.”
China's Han Geng Bags The 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards Favorite Asian Act
Here are the rest of the winners of the Kids’ Choice Awards:

Favorite Butt Kicker: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Favorite Male Athlete: LeBron James
Favorite Song: “What Makes You Beautiful,” One Direction
Favorite TV Actor: Ross Lynch, Austin & Ally
Favorite Music Group: One Direction
Favorite Cartoon: SpongeBob SquarePants
Favorite Movie Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite TV Show: Victorious
Favorite Female Singer: Katy Perry
Favorite Movie Actress: Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Favorite Female Butt-Kicker: Kristen Stewart
Favorite Male Singer: Justin Bieber
Favorite Villain: Simon Cowell, The X Factor
Favorite App: Temple Run
Favorite Video Game: Just Dance 4
Favorite Reality TV Show: Wipeout
Favorite Animated Movie: Wreck-It Ralph
Favorite TV Actress: Selena Gomez, Wizards of Waverly Place
Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games
Favorite Book: The Hunger Games
Favorite Female Athlete: Danica Patrick
Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie: Adam Sandler, Hotel Transylvania


  1. Just found a BUTTHURT POPSTER on this article.. ((: Try to messed up with him again, and GengFans and ELFs will be messing you MORE like hell!! 😛

    I love Sarah G (I’m a Filipino of course). but with your comment like that, seems that you couldn’t get over with the result. Just accept the fact!!!

      • maybe u should learn more about the outside world. KCA says HanGeng is the most popular act in china, and he won the world best act in the EMA_MTV last year by beating gotye & rihanna. maybe u donot know him,but at the same time few person has even heared about sarah among 13 hundred million chinese.

        • I know music should transcend boundaries but how can I appreciate Han Geng’s music if it’s all in Chinese? (Gangnam Style is all a different ballgame.)

          • i don’t think that’s a problem.Italian opera is famous in the world, many people who love & sing it also can’t speak italian.

      • Who’s Sarah G? You can say that because maybe you are filipino, but this award was international. In America nobody knows ‘Sarah G’, so this battle wasn’t between she and Psy, was more likely between PSY and Hangeng.
        It’s obvious everybody in China voted for Hangeng, what makes Hangeng to get the biggest amount of votes against Psy.

      • I like Han Geng..and he’s also my role model.

        The context about the word ‘mess’ that I put onto is just like some people can’t accept the fact and bash him. I know we should respect each other’s opinion, but when I saw some negative comments about him… yeah. So that’s it.

        Sorry if I sounded so ‘mean’

      • And I also respect their different opinions. But what I became furious is most of the so-called Mainland Chinese ELFs dissed and bashed him, and even cursed such words in front of him during his struggle for the lawsuit, and until now. If you see the Baidu Forum of Super Junior, there’s ONLY 12 sections that divides each member’s thread, but in fact SJ in China considers as ONLY13 supporters, but when they heard of him leaving SJ, they just dissed him as traitor. And that’s what I hurt the most. (;

    • hangeng has 31,356,573 followers in weibo which chinese people like to ues because twitter is abanded in china. infact,hangeng opened his twitter just a month ago,and his account doesnot be certificated officially so that some fans even donot know.

          • Get your facts straight before commenting! there is legit reason for HG leaving SJ and we totally support him for his decision! You don’t even know his story, so you have NO say in him being a good role model or not.
            For us, he is someone to look up to b/c he never gives up even after leaving SJ at its peak and still works hard chasing his dream and was able to succeed in doing so!
            Just accept that fact that he won. He has over 31 million followers on Chinese version of twitter + all the international Gengfans and ELFs, who are all super enthusiastic. Fan behaviors say a lot of the idol herself!

          • this outlook is so childlish! Changing jobs is an part of many people’s career path.Everyone has right to choose how or where to work. he quited from sj means he can’t rest content with past achievements but start his career again as a solo singer. i think it needs a lot of courage and strength. And besides, he had lived in korea for many years and he really wanted to go home & live with his family.

        • In case you don’t know, youtube is also baned in China. Just accept the fact that us ELF + GengFans beat your guys. Being a sore loser doesn’t really reflect good on your idol either!

        • firstly,hangeng just quit to start his solo career.sceondly,now he takes most his time working in china.his company just officially issued his mv on the chinese music website.besides,u should know twitter,youtube,&facebook are all banned in this comparison is totally meaningless.

  2. Losing should not be discouraging, but not make an excuse or attack the winner.Be the first to congratulate an opponent who succeeds,u r likely to be the winner next time!

    • I would have congratulated if Psy beat Sarah G, because all the people on this planet knows Gangnam Style. Does Han Geng even have one English song? The song Hero posted here is not English.

      • why he must have an english song? Music has been called the universal language.That he love & use his native language is the most natural thing.Don’t forget that Chinese is spoken by the largest number of people in the world.

    • although i am so sad that Sarah lost to hangeng,but i accepet the result.china has a large population,and hangeng fans must have a large numbers. we have done our best and she is the favorite asia act in my heart 4ever.congrats hangeng and his fans.

    • I wouldn’t call that sympathy votes, but the ELFs had indeed voted hard for HG and I thank them for that!
      I just want to point out that Chinese fans are extremely dedicated and organized. If you check Baidu forum , Hangeng’s forum alone has over 10 million active members per month, and that’s just one Chinese social networking site! many others are active on networking sites such as weibo and QQ space. Popsters voted nonstop, so did all the Chinese Gengfans and us international ELFs and Gengfans! Losing to someone and calling that winner a cheater is simply naive and childish!

      • I will rest my case if Nickelodeon releases the breakdown of votes. If there is something fishy with the results, I would file a protest.

  3. This award is about how famous the singer is in Asian not in US (2013 Kids’ Choice Awards Favorite Asian Act). You don’t base the result on how popularity in US. Please accept the fact that Han Geng does have that many fans behind him that supports him from all the way. If you don’t know him, please don’t judge him because you never know the outside world is (especially Asia).
    The awards that he won is shown how supportive his fans are. Keep fighting, never give up.

  4. You guys don’t know hangeng doesn’t mean he is not famous, he also has fanclub in Philippines,in twitter you can see he has fans from all around the world including Europe,america,Australia and even Africa.

  5. Why must be English song?If you really see and hear hangeng’s songs,you will find Han geng’s mv how much connotation.

  6. Hangeng started his career, in 2001, when he was chosen by SM Entertainment (SME) to become a member of South Korean boy band Super Junior, which debuted in 2005, and as the leader of its sub-group Super Junior-M in 2008. On 21 December 2009, Han filed a lawsuit against SME to terminate his contract as he felt that the 13-year contract was unlawful, overly restrictive and unfair. He also argued that he was forced to do things outside of his contract and was refused sick leave which led to kidney illness.[1][2] and has since returned to China to pursue a solo career. On 21 December 2010 the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Han.

  7. Psy should have won. Psy is the first person to have 1 billion youtube views. His fans might not be as rabid as Han Geng or Sarah G’s but he deserves this award than the 3 nominees.

  8. After Han Geng starts his solo career in 2010, his 1st solo album sold over a million copies & tickets to 1st concert soldout in a record-breaking 37mins.He is the first Chinese nominee in the MTV Europe Music Awards, won MTV EMA’S best worldwide act in 2012.

  9. Psy is famous with no doubt but Han Geng won the award because of 庚饭 (Geng Fans) power. You don’t know how hard he has worked hard with no background, thank you.

  10. Why are some fans dragging Han Geng’s past like it’s relevant to the award? This is the Kids Choice Awards and it doesn’t matter whether he’s a good role model or not. How does it taste? Bitter or sour? Ouch!

    • Precisely, this is the Kids Choice Awards and the kids are supposed to vote. The kids NEED to vote good role models and not someone who’s a user.

      • Indeed, voting for a good role model. Hangeng is very hard working, at the age of 12 he went to study and major in dance at Beijing on his own; living in school dorms. He only gets to see his mom once a year, during Chinese new years, taking a 24 hour train ride back to his hometown. When he graduated, he immediately seek for a job in a performance troupe, because he doesn’t want to burden his family anymore financially, while he waits for the contract. When he went to South Korea as a trainee he didn’t bring any money with him because he wants to take care of his family. When he and his family were mistreated, he has the courage to stand up for himself and say no. He also has the courage to start over again from the beginning. Positive, hardworking, courageous, and caring, what else can you ask for from a good role model.

  11. Hangeng filed a lawsuit back in 2009 against SM Entertainment – the company that gave him name and fame. Why did he sign a 13-year contract if he thought it was unlawful? INGRATE!

    • That was part of the reason to file law suit but there were other things that caused him doing this. You have to see the whole story before you judge.

    • By the way, after his leave, he ALWAYS thanks to his old company for training him. You don’t know this because you never follow his news. But of course if you dislike him so much there is not much to say.

    • So you’re saying if you got hired into a company, but you found out your boss overworks you (by overwork we’re talking about non-stop working for 72hours straight, and everyday u get less than 3 hours of sleep for 2 years straight), doesn’t let you take sick leave, treat you disrespectfully and does things behind your back. Under all these conditions should you still stay in the company and work until you die or so sick that your company fires you and leave you with nothing but an ill body and tons of medical bill? I must say if you stayed you must be really faithful and a saint.
      But guess what people have family to take care of, yes he maybe famous because of the agency and their promoting methods; however, that doesn’t mean anything when you can’t even protect your family, your loved ones and those who cared for you.
      Or maybe you just love fame so much or think losing your health and perhaps dying before your parents is better than terminating your contract.

      • Are you saying that Han Geng was so special that he got different treatment and different contract compared to the other members of Super Junior? Are you saying that only Han Geng worked non-stop for 72 hours straight and not the other members of Super Junior? Are you saying that only Han Geng had 3 hours of sleep for 72 hours straight and not the other members of Super Junior? Han Geng must be a diva then.

        • Hangeng is the only person in the group that had a 13 year contract, the rest of the SJ member ranged from 7 to 8 years. Considering the details of other member’s contract we have no clue, since it was never revealed to the public. One thing we know for sure is before Hangeng’s trial SJ members only receive 2% of their album sales and it is divided amongst the 13 members. Personal endorsement or activity earnings aren’t divided. And speaking of special treatment … he did receive them *sarcasm noted*. There are so many “special treatments” I don’t even bother to list them out for you. And i suggest you to read the wiki for details of the law suit he filed.

          Of course the rest of the SJ members also had very little sleep, and couple of them were planning to sue the agency as well, but Hangeng’s news came out first. Also, if you look at the agency’s record, majority of their big, popular boy bands in the past have all filed law suits against this agency. In addition, because of Hangeng’s case, the South Korean court ordered the agency to rework all their contracts with their artists. So technically, he improved everyone else’s working condition.

          But haters will always hate, and GengFans know fairly well already that haters won’t change their perspective; however, i just really want to get the facts out there, in case some people are mislead. How the audience process the information is their problem.

          Also, it’s not like Sarah won’t get nominated again by KCA. She’s a wonderful artist right? People with talent and a good personality will always have their chances to shine. It just so happens that two artists who are loved dearly by their fans happen to be nominated in the same category. But not winning isn’t the end of the world, they’re still loved by their fans, are they not?

          • Okay, given that Han Geng was the only one who had a 13 year contract, did SM coerce him to sign the said contract or Han Geng signed it on his own freewill?

        • Yes, he did sign it under his own free will. You have to understand that when he signed the contract he was only 19-years-old, he may be legally eligible to make give his own consent; however, what do you expect a teenager to know, or to see the loop holes and potential danger in the contract.

          Hangeng himself said it in an interview once that he doesn’t regret signing the contract, and he is grateful to his agency in training him because without all the experiences they’ve given him, he would not be who he is today (and i’m not talking about fame and name, but how the experiences have shaped his perspective on life). To him at that time, he thought it was an opportunity for him to venture outside, to experience the world, to broaden the horizon and to learn and further develop himself. He wanted to take acting courses when he graduated, but his family’s financial situation doesn’t allow him to pursue his dream, so this was an opportunity for him to maybe learn something. Also, he said, “if things didn’t work out. If I didn’t debut within a set time frame, I can always come back to China, and just take this as a good learning experiences.”

          However, things are never as simple as what they seem. The fact is that he actually managed to debut. There are hundreds of trainess signed under the agency and only a handeful of them manage to see the spotlight. And because he debut all these things happened. To a teenager who just stepped into society, he sees things in a simple manner. He didn’t know how treacherous people can be, and how things we see in drama and TV will actually happen in real life. This goes for a lot of people who take their first step into society and it happens in any type of societal circles, especially in workplace.

          Btw you always ask me questions, but how come you didn’t answer the questions i’ve posted to you? Is it that difficult to tell everyone whether it is wrong to leave an employer/company who treats you poorly, overwork you, and restrain your personal development? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, if you’re the main bread maker for your family; however, your employer overworked you to a point of developing chronic health issues, will you continue to work in that company? or would you seek employment elsewhere?

          • If I were Han Geng and being “treated poorly, overworked with restrained personal development” are all in the contract then I would surely stay. I would read the contract twice even the minute details before I’d sign it.

          • Yes… a company would write down being treated poorly, overworked with restrained personal development on their contract… anyway just keep hating. I’m glad u gave us GengFans a chance to tell Hangeng’s story. Have a nice day.

    • INGRATE?!!!? What the fuck are you talking about? If you called him such thing, then it’s your perspective. But PLEASE Try to open your eyes and mind, and go to the outside world. You’ll realize what we’re talking about. And please get your judgments STRAIGHT before you judge him. (; Okay?

  12. In addition to Leay’s comments, Geng’s contract got extended if he took sick leave at that time. That’s why he was so scared of being sick and kept working with his ill body. He lost a lot of weights due to that, and the fact can be found during SJM time frame. Furthermore, he didn’t say bad things to his SJ brothers or SM company. When he won the lawsuit the court granted him the right to get compensate from SM but he only wanted his freedom. People that don’t understand him will say he betray SM, but people that know him will love and support him forever.

  13. I believe you will be the one kind of human being that I don’t want to talk to because you don’t have the right to judge people or make any comment before you learn the truth. Putting me as being a blind follower? ha ha… The fact is because of your comment, I decide to be one of his blind followers now.

  14. Ha ha.. I wasn’t his fan before but now that you put me as his fan then I will become one. I just don’t like that see people like you come out and make comment on something that you don’t know. Maybe you are jealous of something. Furthermore, the case is closed because there is no point to argue with disrespected human being.

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