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Candy Crush Saga Cheat – How To Finish Level 123

magnustoday on June 30, 2013 - 4:23 pm in Technology Today

Steps on how to finish level 123 of Candy Crush Saga:
Candy Crush Saga Cheat – How To Finish Level 1231. Eliminate the middle two-layer meringue to access the middle candies.
2. As much as possible, reach the bottom meringue before attempting the side meringue with the chocolate.
3. Special candies are very important in level 123 but the most important is combining a striped candy
with a chocolate ball. Before combining, make sure to have a lot of same-colored candies available as
the striped candy by crushing differently colored candies.
4. Patience and luck are needed to finish level 123.

Summary: How to finish Candy Crush Level 123
1. Crush the the middle two-layer meringue.
2. Crush the bottom before the side meringue.
3. Combine striped candy with chocolate ball.

NOTE: The iOs version of Candy Crush Level 123 is more difficult than the Facebook version with the addition of yellow candies.

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