During the UST Tigers-NU Bulldogs game on July 10, 2013, Jeric Teng absorbed a strong shove from Jeoffrey Javillonar, sending Teng sprawling to the floor in pain and causing his shoulder injury.

Jeric Teng expressed his disappointment via Twitter:


Jeric’s brother, Jeron Teng of the DLSU Archers implied Javillonar’s pattern of behavior:


UPDATE: UAAP Commisioner Chito Loyzaga issued a memo upgrading NU’s Javillonar’s foul on Jeric Teng as unsportsmanlike foul.


TO: Joeffrey Javillonar
From: UAAP Commissioner
Subject: Warning
Date: July 11, 2013

After viewing the recorded game betweetn University of Sto. Tomas (UST) and National University (NU) dated last July 10, 2013, we had observed that with 1:20 minute remaining in the 2nd Quarter, you were seen pushing UST player Jeric Teng to the floor. An unsportsmanlike foul with the intention to hurt the opposing player should have been assessed against you.

This memo serves as a warning. Any future foul of any similar nature will merit a one-game suspension.

Please be assured that all game tapes shall be carefully reviewed in order to assure the conduct of fairplay and sportsmanship is observed on the court at all times.

Please be guided accordingly.



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