When Paullete Cambronero was 10 years old, she joined a singing contest called Birit Bulilit. Charice was the 1st runner up while Paullete was the 2nd runner up.

Although she didn’t win, she still believed that her time to shine will come.

In 2009, she showed her singing prowess at a foodcourt:

In an interview, she said she felt flattered that the video became viral but also hurt with some comments saying that she didn’t have the star quality.

Music is in her blood. In fact, her father Ulysses used to join singing contests as well, while her older sister Desiree is a singer-performer in Taiwan. It was Desiree who asked Paullete to sing for her at the foodcourt since she was leaving for Taiwan at that time. She claimed Paullete was shy to sing because the foodcourt had so many people.

She was joining singing contests when she was 7. Her tuition for college came from singing contests. She is currently a kindergarten teacher.

Paullete is now signed with Ivory Music & Video.

Here are some of her amazing performances:

Paullete Cambronero – Through The Fire

Paullete Cambronero – What Kind Of Fool Am I

Paullete Cambronero – Listen

Paullete Cambronero – I Will Always Love You

Paullete Cambronero – Alone

Paullete Cambronero – Shine


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