Roilo Golez And Teddy Casino Discuss China’s Bullying On Facebook
Teddy Casiño: While we admire China’s previous efforts to achieve socialism, they are more capitalist now than ever and their expansionist actions are motivated more by the capitalist than the socialist mindset. That being said, our efforts to resist China’s incursions should not drive us to sacrifice our sovereignty to the bigger bully in the playground.

Roilo Golez: Teddy Casiño, how come you are not complaining about China’s mischiefs against our Mischief Reef where they now have a permanent military installation (well within our EEZ where we have sovereignty over the natural resources there), China’s occupation of our Scarborough Shoal and harassment of our fisherfolk and blockading of our Ayungin Shoal which is only 105 nautical miles from Palawan. and wanting to starve our marines there? China is the bully in our front yard, nasa bakuran na natin at inaagaw ang 60% ng ating EEZ at natural resources sa kanluran natin. Bakit tahimik po kayo pagdating sa pag buBully at pangangamkam ng Tsina sa territory at pagyurak sa soverenya natin?

Teddy Casiño: Roilo Golez, Makabayan bloc among the first to propose that the issue be brought to ITLOS and other multilateral venues. Also held several pickets before and even filed a case at SC questioning China’s deal with GMA in Spratley area. But this is something that can still be resolved diplomatically and even bilaterally. US entry into the picture will complicate things.

Roilo Golez: Teddy Casiño, what picket? I don’t remember your group picketing against China. You didn’t picket or protest when China grabbed Mischief Reef. You didn’t picket when China took control of Scarborough Shoal in April 2012 and water cannoned our fisherfolks there. Not a whimper against the China blockade of Ayungin. But your group has been so vocal, complete with histrionics against our treaty ally and always questioning and blocking the AFP modernization program. You want us to have an independent foreign policy but you block efforts to strengthen our armed forces. Why do you want to weaken the Philippines and be defenseless against China?

Roilo Golez: By the way, Teddy Casiño, your statement that “US entry will complicate things” is a China mantra. It will complicate things for China because it will prevent her plan to gobble up our western EEZ piecemeal.


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