Anne Barbin and Sophia Cabreros have won Eat Bulaga’s Junior Pinoy Henyo Pautakan Grand Finals.
Kapt. Jose Cardones Memorial Elementary School Wins Eat Bulaga's Junior Pinoy Henyo
The girls from Kapt. Jose Cardones Memorial Elementary School have won convincingly by getting all ten words correctly in less than two minutes, beating Marikina Elementary School (4 words), Pembo Elementary School (6 words), Timoteo Paez Elementary School (6 words), Batangas State University Integrated School (7 words) and Paco Catholic School (7 words).

The winners from Taguig have won half a million pesos by correctly guessing the following words:
1. Balunbalunan (gizzard)
2. Vicente Lim (Filipino hero)
3. Lithuania (a country in Northern Europe)
4. Chick (a young chicken)
5. Cornea (part of the eye)
6. Jordan (a country in Western Asia)
7. Menudo (a Filipino dish)
8. Trash can (waste container)
9. Hipon (shrimp)
10. Balikat (shoulder)


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