Charice Promotes World Tour On Good Morning America Kusi News San Diego

Charice Promotes World Tour On Good Morning America Kusi News San Diego


Charice guested on Good Morning America Kusi News San Diego and talked about her video on Ellen, her coming out and her concert in Escondido as part of her world tour. To give a taste of what to expect, Charice sang the slowed down version of Pyramid with Troy Laureta on the piano.


  1. i respect her new image but i wish she will maintain her golden voice not pretending as having a male voice.

  2. becoming a LEZ doesnt mean u gotta turn into a dude,.. she is PLAIN SIMPLY AND UGLY!!! really why do this!? its not nice to look at…

  3. i miss the old charice, but what else can we do, she already decide to go on the other way around, she can sing good though but its awkward really for her to sing those song she used to sing with that look…. though this day and age are quiet unshocking for them to show up like that but its like a sudden transformation … i still adore her voice …

  4. Charice is amazing, I have so much respect for her and I honestly just want to slap all of these pricks in the comments who are obviously living in the stone age.It’s 2014, is it that difficult to accept somebody who’s being true to themselves and isn’t hurting you in any way? Stop the policing already, she doesn’t exist for your entertainment

  5. She sings great and I aplaude her for coming out… but, why try to look like a dude? just don’t get it…

  6. i use to love this performer…couldn’t get enough of her for yrs and now she’s lost her confidence, her looks and her voice… of luck to you though charice

  7. Is she taking hormones to widen her face and chin,?I know lesbians who came out but don’t look like this, specially if youre I the public eye, I know she has the golden voice but if shes doing hormone treatments this will change her voice, don’t know much about the lesbian lifestyle, don’t lesbians want to look feminine??

  8. I used to be a big fan of Charice but now I just want to watch her old videos because I just can’t accept how she changes her look everyday. And now that she’s been away in the Hollywood spotlight, not for quite long, aside from her amazing voice that used to be so powerful, her English skills start to deteriorate as well. She’s losing her vocabulary words, just look at how she struggles expressing herself in this video, it’s like she doesn’t know what to say. This is not the Charice I knew before. She was so confident and smart in answering interview questions and she can even mimmic the American accent…. sigh :(

  9. all I know is that she’s lost a lot of fans. being gay is one thing, choosing to perform as a boy is another

  10. she looks ugly, but a nice person. I prefer the old look, I dont care if she is lesbian, gay, hetero, homo, or whatever, BUT she used to be prettier. ONLY ABOUT HER LOOK. she sings like an angel.

  11. Charice in truth you made a few major mistakes which I believe were detrimental to your carer.Mistake 1) You changed your singing style from a refreshing original Filipino style to an unconvincing common RNB style. Had you kept and promoted your own Filipino singing original style that was loud but sensational and unique that got you noticed in the first place you certainly would have been an ‘A’ list global star by now instead of a star that had the potential to shine the brightest.Mistake 2) of course your image change from a girl to a boy, the change was simply too drastic for people to comprehend and come to terms with. IMO you should have stuck with your old image until you became mega first.But I still believe you can rescue your career, embrace and promote your original singing style and please at least look like a girl again, you don’t have to look like a boy to be gay.

  12. i miss the old charice…… when is she coming back… no no no , i mean coming back as the old charice….. hmmmmmm

  13. What the hell is wrong with people these days, can’t believe charice changed her appreance from a reg girl to a lesbian butch. She was better the old way, and a girlfriend also dam she is really gay even the dude playing the piano is freaking gay looking. Thats what they would say in flip langauge a tunga buakla!

  14. i was a fan of her before but now i am not!, her voice changed and faded, she can’t be a star anymore, because new artist are rising and becoming a new star, sing better her!

  15. Charice is now choriso, i don’t understand why she can’t sing like before, she lost everything i guess

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